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Amplification & Consumption

The CamAe Cycle



Amplification & Consumption

In a world where chaos reigns and addiction threatens to consume them all, Tay finds herself trapped once again within the clutches of the Temple of the Peripheral.

Tay’s desperate descent into a narcotic-fuelled haze leaves her under the control of the enigmatic Great Mother. The police force is dismantled, and the oppressive militia has taken command, while Wyn, now working for an outside army sent to keep the peace, fights against the rising tide of violence and unrest.

Meanwhile, Gren languishes in a prison cell, awaiting rescue. Wyn struggles to free her while grappling with the Temple’s influence that has entwined Tay’s fate with theirs.

As the Temple unleashes the deadly narcotic onto the streets, claiming innocent lives, Wyn races against time to unravel their sinister plans. Tay, lost in a hallucinatory world, starts to question the very fabric of reality and her place in the cycle of life.

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