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The Green Fox

The Last Herald



The Green Fox

Cosi, son of Toli the mercenary and Avani the princess, has remained hidden all his life. Kept away from the world by his protectors in a secluded valley beyond the reach of his grandmother. But the queen still searches for her grandson and the key to the return of her god, Roggon.

Raised to be a faithful servant of the goddess, Liandra, Cosi is as far from a warrior as can be, but when bounty hunters arrive hunting heretics, he must do what he can to protect them.

With the aid of a marsh elf and his dwarven friends, Cosi races to save the refugees but on the way discovers the truth of his origins. Not just his royal lineage, but the magical power that is his birthright.

The Green Fox is the second book in the Last Herald series.

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