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The CamAe Cycle

Peripheral Loss

Book 1

Publication Date 18/02/21

In a dystopian future where a concrete wall confines an entire city, two unlikely allies will unravel the truth and fight for survival. Enter a world of deceit, addiction, and a cult seeking to break free from reality with the help of a mysterious narcotic.

Tay, a former member of the Temple of the Peripheral—a drug-infused cult preaching detachment—breaks free from their clutches. Haunted by her past, she seeks to make amends by aiding a pair of siblings, leading a protest movement against the oppressive sector governor. But tragedy strikes when a brutal militia attack leaves Tay as a witness to a horrific crime, one that will change her life.

Enter Detective Wyn, determined to track down Tay as a key witness against the corrupt government. But as she uncovers the depths of Tay’s shattered world, she realises this troubled young woman is more than a mere witness—she’s a pawn in a much larger game. As the protest movement gains momentum and the militia turns their guns on them, Wyn must protect Tay from forces far more sinister than she could have ever imagined.

With time running out and chaos descending upon them, Wyn and Tay must forge an unlikely alliance to expose the truth, confront their own demons, and fight against a fate that threatens to consume them all.

Amplification & CONSUMPTION

Book 2

Publication Date 8/01/22

In a world where chaos reigns and addiction threatens to consume them all, Tay finds herself trapped once again within the clutches of the Temple of the Peripheral. Book 2 of this gripping saga delves deeper into the darkness that haunts their souls.

Tay’s desperate descent into a narcotic-fuelled haze leaves her under the control of the enigmatic Great Mother. The police force is dismantled, and the oppressive militia has taken command, while Wyn, now working for an outside army sent to keep the peace, fights against the rising tide of violence and unrest.

Meanwhile, Gren languishes in a prison cell, awaiting rescue. Wyn struggles to free her while grappling with the Temple’s insidious influence that has entwined Tay’s fate with theirs.

As the Temple unleashes the deadly narcotic onto the streets, claiming innocent lives, Wyn races against time to unravel their sinister plans. Tay, lost in a hallucinatory world, starts to question the very fabric of reality and her place in the cycle of life.

Brace yourself for a journey into the depths of Tay’s troubled psyche and the unravelling mysteries of the Great Mother’s intentions. Will Tay fulfil her prophetic role and bring about a new age, or will Wyn uncover the truth before it’s too late?
Prepare to be captivated by “Amplification & Consumption,” a thrilling continuation of the science fiction saga that will leave you questioning the boundaries of reality and the true nature of power. Embrace the floodwaters of this electrifying adventure, as destinies collide and the battle for redemption unfolds in the face of an uncertain future.

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